Do you need to remove the waste materials as soon as possible? Whether carrying out a large construction project or renovating your home, removing waste is essential because it occupies a lot of space and for safety reasons too. If so, luckily, the same-day skip hire will remove all the waste materials for your convenience. Some companies promise to deliver the same day but at night, but what’s the point of such a service? Therefore, you don’t need to look here and there because we are the solution for same day skip hire near me. We have a team of experienced professionals who always prioritise the work and meet customer’s requirements.

What is Same-Day Skip Hire?

Removing rubbish removal products from the construction site does not need to be delayed. So, you can hire a same-day skip and remove all the waste when needed. Same Day Skip Hire means the providing company will deliver the skip to your location on the same day as your booked time. Our service providers will deliver your skip to your home or commercial location whenever you need it without any delay. 

Benefits of Same-Day Skip Hire

The skip hire same day service is available to remove waste immediately. However, you should know more benefits of skip services in detail: 

  • Speed and Efficiency: Buildings in congested areas don’t have space to pile waste. Therefore, contacting top same-day skip hire service is beneficial for quick service. 
  • Safety: Same-day skip service removes all the waste and protects the workers and the environment.  
  • Reduces skip hire costs: Another benefit of same-day skip delivery is reducing costs by eliminating the need to pay fees to local authorities.
  • Recycling options: Hiring a same-day skip is beneficial as the waste gets recycled and protects the environment. 
  • Avoiding accumulation of junk: Piling up the waste materials becomes problematic. Hence, we help our customers clear the waste by delivering a skip the same day. 

How Same-Day Skip Hire Works

Hiring a skip to collect and dispose of waste materials on the same day is simple. Before hiring, you must finalise the amount of waste, the days you will need a skip, and where the skip will be kept, whether in a public or private place. If public, you must get permission from the local authority. After these things, reach out to us for skip hire same day delivery, tell us your waste amount, and then we will suggest the size of the skip and its cost. After finalising, our team will reach your location with the skip.  

Types of Skips Available for Same-Day Hire

Depending on the amount of waste, we have different types of skips, from 2-yard mini skips to 40-yard skips, available for same-day hire. 

  • If you need a skip for small waste, hire 2 to 4 yards, or if you have little more from garden or home refurbishment, go for a 6 to 10-yard skip.
  • Hiring an 8-yard to 12-yard skip for cardboard, plastic, or commercial waste would be advisable. 
  • Lastly, we have 12-yard to 40-yard skips for builders or contractors to eliminate the heavy rubble. 

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If you are looking for a trusted and professional same day skip hire service provider, we are the solution you are looking for. We are known for rubbish removal and waste collection service. We are a team of experts with many years of experience providing 24/7 service to meet the requirements of every customer. 

Contact Skip It London to take advantage of same-day skip hire service at an affordable price. 


What can and can’t be thrown in a skip?

Items that can get disposed of in the environment, such as wood, plastic, broken furniture, non-electrical things, domestic waste, and other such non–harmful items, can be thrown. Batteries, tyres, gas cylinders, medical waste, bulbs, mattresses, and other non-favourable items cannot be thrown away.

 How long can I keep the skip?

Generally, you can hire and keep the skip for seven days, but the days can get adjusted depending on your need, whether you need it for fewer or more days. 

Do I need to be present for delivery and collection?

You don’t need to be present on the site for delivery and collection, but it depends if any paperwork is left to do. But be sure to keep in contact with us to keep track of the delivery.