Hire a Skip – Everything You Need to Know About Waste Management


Before sharing any profound thoughts and opinions about the growing environmental concerns, health hazards due to poorly managed waste or how crucial it is to protect your surroundings on social media, have you given a thought about waste management at your home? Take a walk around your neighbourhood or glance at your backyard; we are sure the pungent smell of insects and rodents all over your waste would be unbearable. Indeed, the waste generated by you and your family members is not a significant amount but dumping it in the backyard or your neighbouring street is undoubtedly not a wise decision. Those tiny two or three waste bags tossed over by you could add to the extensive waste crisis! Charity begins at home, and hence, you need to wake up and hire a skip now!

In the past, you may have been reluctant to book a skip as dumping your waste sounded a more convenient option – but it isn’t! Skips are the most reliable, environmentally friendly and affordable resort for managing waste. This article here is your go-to guide for everything concerning what skips are, their advantages, skip sizes, the best skip company in the UK, and so much more! We are here to assist in making the process of hiring a skip less intimating for you. Please continue reading.

What are Skips?

A skip hire or skip bin is a large, open metal container on a specially designed lorry that can easily collect and drop off the skip, load and unload waste and all sorts of rubbish. There’s no need to make trips to the dump or dispose of waste yourself as skip hire or rental is available within two hours of booking outside your doorstep or office premises to help you clear off all the rubbish in no time. Skip hire is available in various sizes to suit your needs and requirements.


Things You Can Add In A Skip

A Skip company takes away 95 per cent of your domestic and commercial waste, including kitchen, garden, paper, cardboard and packaging trash. Not just light, but a skip hire also takes heavy construction, metal and wooden rubble! A skip company does not accept hazardous waste, electrical waste, gas canisters, asbestos and liquid waste such as oil, diesel, petrol, or paint.


Skip Sizes Available

Skip hires are available in various sizes ranging from a 2-yard mini skip to a 40-yard skip, suitable to meet all your waste removal needs!

You can rent a mini skip available in sizes 2 to 4 yards for all sorts of small waste needs. If in case you have trash in significant quantities to be taken care of, such as DIY home or bathroom refurbishment or garden waste, you can opt for a 6 to 10 yard skip!

For commercial waste such as files, cardboard boxes and plastic in bulk quantities, skips ranging from 8 yards to 12 yards would be advisable. If you are a builder or a contractor, we have a skip size for the heavy and hardcore rubble, i.e., RORO skips or Builders skips. These are available from size 12 yards and go up to 40 yards!

Plus Points of Skip Hire

  1. Convenience: How dreading the thought of dumping waste either early in the morning or the evening after a fatiguing day at work can be! A professional skip company could be of great help in taking one stressful and tiring chore off your shoulders all at your premises! Expert skip company team members will pick up your waste daily and leave the area spotlessly clean for you!
  2. Easy to Hire: Booking a skip is straightforward without involving you in filling out forms and surveys or standing in long queues for days! All there is to do is to call the most dependable skip and book a two-prior slot convenient to you, and they will be right outside the premises on time!
  3. Affordability: Suppose you pay a good chunk of money to buy cleaning gloves, waste bins and bags and fill diesel in your car to visit the dumping zone. Isn’t this entire procedure time and money-consuming? Instead, you could switch to hiring an affordable skip that is within budget. Plus point? It saves your travel time and effort!
  4. Promotes Healthy Environment: How pleasant it would be to take a stroll in your lane or surrounding area if we all collectively bore responsibility for the waste by hiring qualified professionals to look after it. A skip hire team is seasoned and adept at addressing waste safely in a specialised manner to allow you to enjoy a healthy and breathable environment.


Skip It – Waste Management Maestro’s

If you are scouring for a reliable and the best skip company that matches all the criteria you have listed, including budget, then look no further! Skip It is a leading skip hire company in London known for its specialised waste collection and rubbish removal services. Our experts are well-versed in English, French, Polish, Arabic and Spanish. Hence, you will never have to worry about communicating your concerns and requirements.

We are a family run business with 24/7 service, vouching to deliver nothing about quality assistance and peace of mind. You can count on us! We take accountability for all the waste we collect by working with environmental agencies to send the waste for recycling instead of landfills. We are honest and transparent with our budget-friendly quotes!

If you wish two hire a skip, call 02073841221 and book your two-hour prior slot to enjoy a clean, punctual and professional waste management service.