When living in a home with a garden, gardening becomes one of the top-priority chores to keep your property in the best condition. As much as it’s essential to beautify your garden, managing your green waste is crucial for maintaining your home too.

As the seasons change, so do the leaves and plants in your garden. Autumn is the typical time for leaves to fall and for flowers to shrivel up, due to the cooler soil and air temperatures. As a result, you’ll certainly find a lot of organic waste starting to appear in your garden, and you’ll be thinking about how to get rid of it.

This calls for responsible waste disposal and Skip It is here to help you in the process. Read on to find out how to manage your garden waste.

What is garden waste?

Garden waste, also known a bio-waste or green waste, differs greatly from plastic waste and other materials that can seriously harm the environment. Garden waste includes organic materials such as leaves, grass, weeds and other plants that can easily be composted.

What makes garden waste so good is that it’s biodegradable, containing high levels of nitrogen, meaning it can be put to good use, helping other plants grow. As well as discovering ways to get rid of it, we’re here to tell you how you can also benefit from this green waste.

How do I manage my garden waste?

The majority of your garden waste is biodegradable, so it’s a great idea to compost it and re-use in your own garden. Green waste is a great way of helping increase topsoil, which contains the minerals and nutrients that plants need to thrive. It can improve the fertility of topsoil, increasing the water content below the surface. All these things help maintain the condition of your plants.

Decomposing garden waste can also provide renewable energy. The waste that has been biodegraded creates biogas, which can be used as biofuel, generating sustainable and re-useable energy, instead of carbon dioxide generated by petroleum gases.

Another clever way of disposing of your garden waste is to mix your waste with wastewater and other sewage materials, and disposing of it back into the environment. Mixing it with sewage reduces the detrimental effects pollutants and pathogens can have on the environment, making it a sustainable method of disposal.

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Decomposing and re-using green and organic waste can have amazing benefits on the environment, putting plenty of minerals and nutrients back into the soil, without emitting any harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

Here at Skip It, we support a natural approach, and are on-hand to make the most of such recyclable materials, as we are strongly committed to recycling. In fact, 95 per cent of the waste we handle gets recycled by our network of accredited recycling centres.

With our dedication to working towards a greener London, we offer a range of reliable waste collection services to help you manage your garden waste. Hire a skip or book one of our household waste collection services, and our friendly team of professionals will get the job done in the most efficient way possible!

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