You may find that you will need to arrange for a refit or relocation at some stage in your journey as a small business owner. Whether you’re up-sizing or moving location, refits can be a pain at times with the various stages of business administration and organisation involved, so make sure you have a solid plan before you get stuck in!

For an easy way to keep on top of your refit – take a look at the checklist below.

1. Plan, plan and then plan your refit some more

Some small business owners decide to close their business for the refit process, in order to give them enough time to get things spic and span before they re-open. Others may decide to still keep operating or running remotely during their refit, to keep business running as normally as possible.

Working out which items you will still need to have access to, such as computers, a printer, internet access and office stationery during the refit process, will really help you to keep things running smoothly.

Planning your waste management should also be high on your priority list at the planning stage of your small business refit – that’s where Skip It can help you with our Rip Out service.

2. Motivate your staff

If you will need to have your members of staff working at the weekend or later in the evenings to pitch in, perhaps think of a way you can show your appreciation for their commitment and dedication during the whole refit process.

By rewarding them for their extra hard work, you will help to build morale and engagement as well as show them your appreciation. Perhaps you could take them out for a nice drink somewhere special or for a meal as a way to say “thank you” once it’s all over.

3. Be flexible with your times

Hopefully, this won’t be the case but sometimes a refit might encounter some setbacks which could disrupt your planned re-opening times. By being flexible with timings at the beginning of the process, you can help to build in time for a potential delay. If you don’t encounter one, you could bring your re-opening date forward to use the extra time to get things sorted in the back-office, buying you some much-needed time.

4. Don’t forget the utilities

Depending on the arrangement you have in place with your landlord, you might be responsible for closing down the accounts with your electricity, water, gas, internet and landline provider. This is a good time to start looking around for a better deal and to communicate with your other service providers about your change of address. You don’t want any stray invoices collecting dust at your old address after all!


Our friendly and professional teams can help arrange your small businesses refit with our Rip Out service. In no time at all, we will be able to transform any size of space in a matter of hours, leaving you with the perfect blank canvas to plan your re-design or for your landlord to sell to a new tenant.