If you’re wondering what to do with old TVs, it’s essential to consider responsible disposal methods to protect the environment and ensure safety. Electronic appliances like televisions contain harmful components that can have a detrimental impact when thrown into landfills.

At Skip It, we specialise in helping you handle your old TVs responsibly, ensuring both your safety and the preservation of the environment. Our services include eco-friendly disposal options for your outdated televisions. Don’t risk harming the environment; let us assist you in making the right choice for your old TV.

Why is it important to dispose of a TV?

An average TV is made of multiple components, including plastic, steel and aluminium, along with several hazardous toxins, such as flame retardants, cadmium, beryllium and bisphenol-A, hence the crossed-out bin (WEEE) symbol on your TV.

Incorrect disposal of such items can allow these toxins to be released, potentially harming you in the process. If you throw your TV into a regular bin bag, it will be transported into a landfill site where it can pose serious danger to the public and environment.

According to Environment Agency, the Government found approximately 378,200 tonnes of electrical waste in UK households. This indicates a significant amount of this waste ends up in landfills, which is concerning.

As the owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure the responsible disposal of such items. Fortunately, there are several environmentally-friendly methods available, and we’re here to assist you!

How can I dispose of a TV responsibly?

To begin with, the first option is to donate or sell your TV. Before considering this option, however, you must first inspect your TV for signs of damage. If the screen is not broken, all the cords and remotes appear to be in order and the picture looks fine, you may consider this option.

In addition, you can donate the item to a friend, relative, or even local charities. Furthermore, less-fortunate individuals would greatly appreciate a decent functioning TV, even if it is an older model.

Alternatively, selling your TV on auction sites is another great option. Moreover, you can advertise it through newspapers or other print publications.

Recycling your TV is another way to dispose of it responsibly. You may take it to the next Currys PC World or recycling centre. If you have trouble locating the nearest places to recycle your electrical item, Recycle Now’s Recycling Locator tool can help you find one quickly.

But if you want the fastest and most convenient solution while maintaining your commitment to high environmental standards, perhaps the smartest way to dispose of your TV is by booking Skip It’s Wait & LoadHousehold Clearance or Skip Hire services. Whether it is domestic or commercial waste, we provide a variety of collection services.

We are strongly committed to recycling and disposing of items responsibly in order to protect the environment. In fact, 95 per cent of all the waste we collect is recycled.

If you would like to learn more about our services and ways to dispose of your TV, contact our friendly and professional skip hire team Epsom today and find out which service suits you best!

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