When you’re doing a spring clean at home it’s inevitable that you will find some items that don’t fit into your local council’s criteria for recycling. But how do you prevent them needlessly ending up in landfill where they will be unable to biodegrade?

Take a look at these common household objects that are unable to be recycled easily and find out how you can reduce your carbon footprint by diverting them from a landfill.

Recycle Old Dentures or Dentistry Prosthetics

If you have old dentures, retainers, mouth guards and other dental prosthetics languishing in a drawer or bathroom cabinet, there are alternatives to chucking them into a black bin bag – why not instead recycle them?  You could contact your dentist and ask if they will recycle them for you.

Many dentist practices will accept old dental prosthetics because they can send them back to their technicians who originally made them who will be able to recycle them. It’s advisable that you ask your dentist first before bringing your old dental prosthetics in, to make sure that they are able to offer recycling services.

If your local dentist is unable to provide a recycling service – free or otherwise – then you can also recycle your old partial dental prosthetics through the Japan Dentures Recycling Association. This charitable organisation raises money for UNICEF by donating the money made from recycling the metals found in donated partial dentures.

You can take part by posting your partial dentures to Japan Dentures Recycling Association, 350-8799 Kawagoe Post Office Stop, Japan. This option will involve you having to pay for the postage and packaging of your partial dentures and your local Post Office will be able to determine the cost for you. The Japan Dentures Recycling Association has these instructions for sending old partial dentures.

Recycle Old Bras

If you have some old bras that you need to dispose of then make sure you take a look at these sustainable options before you reach for that black bin bag! There are many UK charities and companies that are offering bra recycling schemes which enables them to donate money to worthy causes.

Charities include Against Breast Cancer, Smalls For All and Zabra, who will either donate your old bras that are gently worn to women living in orphanages, slums and IDP camps in Africa or will recycle them and use the material to raise money to either help fund breast cancer research (Against Breast Cancer) or to help women buy underwear in third world countries (Smalls For All).

Two UK companies that are happy to receive your old bras for free are Bravissimo and M&S, so next time you go bra shopping in these stores, make sure you bring your old bras along with you! Most charities and companies accept old bras free of charge, or you can also dispose of your old bras in council clothing recycling banks.

Recycle Stationery and Wax Crayons

If your office or house has an abundance of old stationery lying around that is still fit for use, then you can avoid it going straight to landfill by sending it to First Mile for recycling.

Simply order a sack with guaranteed next day delivery and collection and First Mile will come to your address to collect it to be sent to charities who will sort and re-package it and also send it to schools who need it. First Mile will accept pens and pencils, wax crayons, rubbers and rulers, envelopes and hardware such as staplers and hole punchers.

Another option for recycling used writing materials, pens, pencils, highlighters and even correction fluid is through the Bic and Terracycle scheme. You can recycle your stationery for free at an existing drop-off location dotted all over the Epsom, UK.

Recycle Used Trophies and Awards

You may even want to consider recycling old awards and trophies from your school days. One option to save them from going into landfill is to contact local schools or charities to see if they would be willing to accept your old trophies.

Alternatively, companies such as LRB Trophies are happy to accept old awards, trophies and cups as they can fix and re-engrave them or use them for parts to make new ones. Simply post them to 2 Market Lane, Selby YO8 4QA, however, you will need to pay for the postage and packaging of your old trophies.

Recycle Old Trainers, Shoes and Clothes

We can bet that you will be able to find at least one pair of old shoes, trainers or some old clothes during a spring clean at your house! There is an easy way that you can prevent them from ending up in the landfill – simply donate them to your local charity shop. It doesn’t matter if they are worn through or aren’t in good condition because many charity shops will offer a free recycling service, just ask them if they are able to recycle them for you before you bring them in.

Alternatively, you can always dispose of old shoes, trainers, and clothes in your local council’s shoes, boots, and clothes recycling banks or centers. If you’re unsure of the location of your nearest clothes and shoes recycling bank, contact your local council or search online.

We trust that this information has provided you with insights on how to steer clear of disposing of certain household waste in landfills. And remember, if you’re gearing up for a substantial spring cleanup in Epsom, whether it’s your loft, basement, or garage, remember that Skip It offers a diverse range of domestic waste clearance services. Delve into options like Household ClearanceWait & Load, or Skip Hire today to uncover more about how we can assist you. Opt for Skip It today and discover comprehensive solutions for your waste management needs!

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