Whether you’re organising a large scale clearout of your house or run a business that produces a large contingent of waste, there’s a good chance you might be considering whether to hire a skip. Unfortunately, getting a skip for rent isn’t always quite as simple as  standard household waste collection.

So here’s what you need to know.

Should you hire a skip?

Skip hire is the most well-known of the waste collection services – but that  doesn’t mean it’s  right for you. If you’re looking for waste clearance, you should  take the time to explore your options.

If you’re having a one-time clear out of your house, office or store, then chances are you shouldn’t hire a skipHouse clearance serviceswait and load services and rip out services are better designed for these situations. Skip for rent options are better for prolonged periods of waste disposal.

If you’re having an extension built in your garden, for instance, a skip is probably the best way to accumulate a large contingent of waste whilst the works take place. If you’re clearing out the lounge to make way for a redesign, then one of the services listed above would be a much better way of dealing with it all in one go.

Rubbish Skip permits

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to hire a skip, you need to take a moment to check you’re allowed. You can’t simply strew skips all over the place. If you’ve got space in your garden or front pavement – then you don’t need to worry about this. But if you’re going to put something on any stretch of public land, you’ll have to check with your local council.

Luckily, when you hire a skip from a professional waste clearance expert like ours, we know a thing or two about getting skip hire permits sorted – and we’ll do that as part of the package.

Councils might still refuse the permit, but they generally have to have a good reason for doing so. Avoid hiring a skip around popular seasonal events, or on important public access routes, and you shouldn’t encounter many problems.

Where to hire a skip

Ensuring that the whole process is run smoothly is an important part of our work here at Skip It. You want the skip to turn up on time and for us to collect it quickly once it’s finished.

Luckily, we offer a guaranteed two hour pick-up and delivery window (as standard for all our services). You’ll be safe in the knowledge that the skip will fit to your schedule – not the other way around.

Enquire more about how to hire a skip right here.

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