Moving houses or flats can be stressful. No matter how much time you give yourself to prepare, moving day always seems to be approaching faster than you anticipated. In the midst of moving, many chores can be forgotten about or perhaps, there are just some things you haven’t even considered doing!

But don’t worry – here is a checklist with the various stages of moving out and essential chores you will need to complete in order to swerve the chaos.

Read on to find out how Skip It can help, with our efficient wait and load and house clearance services!

Plan out your move

Planning makes up half of the entire process. Before sorting out any of your belongings, make a list of what you want to keep and chuck away. It sounds like a simple task, but can be very useful when you have a load of other things to think about.

Working out a budget is also vital. This will allow you to easily recognise your options, when choosing your removal waste and moving company and help you manage your budget wisely.

Start de-cluttering

Give yourself a few weeks before moving day to start de-cluttering. This is the best chance to clear out any items you no longer need. Naturally, a lot of clutter and waste can pile up, even within a short span of time. So, it is never a bad time to clear out your home!

Having a good waste management service, which allows you to dispose of your items responsibly, would feed more genuine care to the environment we live in! Skip It is dedicated to achieving a healthy and safe environment. In fact, 95 per cent of all the waste we collect avoids landfills and instead, gets recycled by our network of accredited recycling centres.

To help us achieve a cleaner and greener environment it is ideal to keep your clutter to a minimum by doing the best you can to prevent, reuse or recycle waste. The waste that is ready for collection should then be stored safely and securely.

Get in touch with our friendly and professional team today and find out more about how Skip It can help you dispose of your waste responsibly!

Book your waste removal service

After arranging a removal company for your move, don’t forget to book your waste collection service just in time so that it doesn’t stand in the way of the removal specialists on the big day.

Contact our friendly Skip It team and book our house clearance service, or for smaller loads, our wait & load service might be more suitable. We will arrange an agreed 2-hour window that suits your availability. Our house clearance professionals will clear your waste quickly and efficiently, delivering all the items to a licensed waste disposal site for responsible recycling.

Skip It offers a wide range of household removal services that suit your personal requirements. We can clear out properties, as well as lofts of any capacity, removing boxes, furniture and waste with our professional equipment.

Don’t forget your utilities

Depending on your move dates, make sure to close down any accounts with your electricity, water, gas, internet and landline provider in time. You might want to change your address for credit cards, insurance, motor vehicle registration and any memberships. This is also a good chance to start looking for other service providers that offer better deals!

Moving day

Labelling your items can help simplify directions for the removal specialists, when shifting and organising your belongings. Label boxes that contain certain items that need to be moved to a particular room, or transported carefully to the new address.

Lock your valuables and important documents, such as passports and driver’s license, somewhere safe and preferably transport them personally to your new home. Don’t forget to pack your overnight bags for the family, with all your essentials, including clothes and toiletries!

Contact Skip It today and our friendly and professional team can take some weight off your shoulders with our helpful waste removal services. We understand how stressful moving out can be. But with our highly-skilled experts you won’t have to lift a finger to dispose of household waste and unwanted old furniture.

Watch us clear the way while you plan what comes next.