If you’re lucky enough to have enough space in your front garden or yard to fit a skip, then the skip hire service should be fairly easy for you. Contact us, arrange your appointment, and wait for your skip to be delivered within your two-hour window. For a lot of people, unfortunately, the process could be a little bit trickier because of one slight complication – skip hire permits.

Skip hire permits are needed to store your skip on a public street or pavement while you hire it. As you’d expect, if you’re putting something fairly large on public land, you have to ask the council for permission before doing so.

Luckily you’ll be happy to hear that, just like all of our waste collection services here at Skip It, we’re pretty committed to making this as seamless a part of the process as any other.

Skip hire permits with Skip It

Before you start worrying about dealing with the ins and outs of your local council, don’t worry – we’ll deal with it. We manage the permit application and process as standard on your behalf, and in the majority of cases, the permit can be arranged in a matter of days, without any substantial problems.

What’s even better is that the price of the permit is all inclusive with our services, so you won’t even have to worry about paying for it.

There are, however, a few things it’s worth noting about getting a skip hire permit.

  • You’ll need to make sure we have few days’ notice to get the permit sorted before you can expect the skip to be delivered. In order to be completely safe, we think it is good idea to leave about a week’s notice, though it is often sorted in less time. If you’re in a hurry to get rid of some waste, then perhaps a wait and load service would be a better fit for you.
  • As you’d expect, the council reserve the right to refuse your permit, if they feel the area you want it placing in is in particularly high demand. Merton Council for instance, points out that Skip Hire permits may be subject to restrictions around high-profile events like Wimbledon Tennis. You should check what the guidelines from your local council are, and be careful to factor these things into your planning.
  • Most councils will not allow skips to be placed on London’s red routes. These are roads that TFL has designated particularly important for reducing traffic congestion in London.

If you contact us with enough time we’re happy to take care of the whole skip hire permit process for you.

Find out more about our skip hire service or book your skip hire today.