One of the most challenging things about managing a home renovation project is making sure that your waste is disposed of properly and safely, without becoming a burden to your neighbours. After all, you don’t want to become one of those people who might cause complaints due to the placement of your skip.

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Find out how you can keep your neighbours happy when you hire a skip with our top tips for skip hire below.

Getting organised – skip hire paperwork and permits

The first thing you need to do before you choose the size of skip to suit your project is whether you are required to have a permit for the area you’re planning on keeping your skip. It is compulsory to have a skip permit in place if your skip will be on a public pavement or road.

Not only will this prevent you from being charged any fines and having your skip forcibly removed, but it will be one of the first things a nosy neighbour will investigate if your waste is causing them any problems. Having all the correct paperwork in place will save you time, money and a lot of hassle!

The best part is that when you choose to use Skip It for your skip hire requirements, we will provide all the permits and paperwork for you where necessary.

Think about where your skip will go

If your skip is going to be taking up space on the public pavement or road, then it might be worth considering dropping a note into your neighbours well in advance, especially if there is limited parking available where you live. This will give your neighbours a fair warning about your upcoming project as well as enabling them to think of alternative parking solutions.

Remember, skips can damage block paving, slabbed driveways, soft and un-level ground and soft tarmac drives, which can become more serious if your skip is heavy and requires the use of stabilising equipment. By taking a closer look at the area you are planning to keep your skip throughout the duration of your project, you will be able to reduce the risk of causing damage.

This is particularly important if you share a driveway with a neighbour and your skip will be kept on it for the duration of your project. Remember, the access to your site location needs to be at least 2.75m or 9ft wide and able to accommodate a skip lorry of a minimum weight of 7.5 tonnes, so the ground in this area will need to be able to cope with this pressure.

Also, the grass verge outside your property might be public land too, so a permit might also be required for this area. If you’re keeping your skip on a public pavement or road then you will need to ensure that there is correct signage, including traffic cones, reflective markings, night-time safety lights, the name and telephone of the skip hire company and of course, a permit.

The contents of your skip

Lastly, you will need to be mindful of the contents inside your skip to prevent them from spilling out into the road, pavement or shared driveway. This is a sure-fire way to irritate your neighbours and it could also mean that your skip will be too heavy for the skip hire company to take away to empty, which could result in two trips or a larger vehicle. This will cost you more money.


Our skip hire pricing is some of the best on offer in London and we ensure to dispose of your waste responsibly. We care about the environment and 95 per cent of the waste materials we collect from your skip will be taken to licensed local recycling centres. Contact Skip It today for your skip hire!