At Skip It, we’re dedicated to making London a cleaner and greener place for all. As well as the waste we handle – over 92 per cent of which we aim to recycle – we also offer general advice and guidance on the responsible disposal of waste.

In this article, we look at the question: ‘How do I dispose of a mattress responsibly?’

How do I dispose of a mattress responsibly?

The two most obvious methods are passing it on for either reuse or recycling. There are a good few options available for each method and it really depends on your situation as to which one you choose.

Consider cost and convenience. Donating your mattress for reuse will often mean that whoever you choose to give it to will collect it from you and won’t charge. This could, however, end up being a drawn-out process and mean you’ll be stuck with it for days or weeks waiting for their collection, or you might just have to stay home waiting for them to arrive at a time that suits them.

Alternatively, you can recycle your mattress with the help of a professional waste removal company in Epsom . In many cases, we can be at your property to collect the mattress within an hour, or alternatively, you can book a handy 2-hour time slot that suits you.

What’s more, with Skip It’s commitment to recycling everything possible, you can rest assured that you’re making the responsible decision in disposing of your mattress.

Recycle it

If you have transport large enough and you can lift and move the item yourself, taking it to a local recycling centre is a responsible option. Find your nearest one using Recycle Now’s search tool.

Alternatively, some local councils will offer a collection service for bulky furniture. Try visiting their website or giving them a call to find out more.

If you haven’t bought your new mattress yet, remember to check with the shop you’re buying it from whether they’re able to take the old one away when they deliver the new one. Be aware that most retailers are likely to charge you for this service.

An environmentally friendly waste company that is accredited by the Environment Agency, such as Skip It, can help you dispose of mattresses in a responsible way. At Skip It, we go the extra mile to recycle everything we can in order to substantially reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill unnecessarily

With our wait & load service, you’ll only pay for what we take. We have one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry and can be at your door within an hour, or offer you a convenient 2-hour collection window.

Donate it

If your mattress is still in a useable condition, donating it to someone in need is a responsible way of disposing of it.

Many charities offer a free collection service. Larger charities will usually accept online bookings and will display a full list of the items they can take on their website. If you’re not sure, you could always call them to find out.

In the case that a charity shop is unable to resell your mattress, they will aim to dispose of it in another responsible way. Charities can often make money from passing items on to other organisations that can reuse or recycle them, so your donation will still make a difference.

Alternatively, websites such as Freecycle and Freegle allow you to pass your items on directly to other people. Make sure to specify in the advert whether or not you can offer delivery.

Sell it

If you’re interested in making some money from your old mattress, consider advertising it for sale on a second-hand website like Gumtree or Preloved.

If that doesn’t work or you don’t have the time to handle multiple enquiries, ask around to find it out if anyone you know, or anyone your friends and family knows, is looking for a cheaper option.

Looking for the most straightforward way to dispose of your mattress responsible? Give Skip It a call and we’ll take care of it for you. 

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