When you’re in the market for a new kettle, it can be a challenge to get rid of your old one responsibly. This is because most small electrical retailers don’t offer schemes to recycle old models. The problem is these electrical items can contain components that are harmful and when they are put into landfill, will pose a serious risk to the environment. Read on how to dispose of a kettle responsibly.

Why Should You Recycle Small Electrical Goods?

If you have an old kettle or other small electrical goods such as hairdryers, hair straighteners and curling tongs, microwaves or toasters, then it’s much better for the environment if you recycle them. If you throw them away in a black bin bag, they will be sent straight to a landfill site where they could pose a serious environmental problem.

First of all, the sheer amount of electrical waste that was collected by the UK government in the final quarter of 2018 weighed in at 126,000 tonnes. According to the Environment Agency, the amount of electrical waste that was collected by the government from UK households totalled 378,200 tonnes. This is concerning as a lot of these electrical items ended up in a landfill.

What Does the Crossed-Out Bin Symbol on My Kettle Mean?

If you have found a crossed-out bin symbol on your kettle then this means that it can contain lead alongside other toxins which, when absorbed into the soil and water due to leakages, could potentially cause contamination. This contamination will pose a serious risk to the overall health of the surrounding natural habitat, wildlife and even human health.

If electrical items such as kettles are simply thrown into a landfill then they will not only be unable to biodegrade but as they get damaged over time, these toxins could leak out into the ground and cause pollution. This can be prevented by choosing to recycle your old electrical items instead, or by purchasing kettles that are “designed for disassembly”.

Designers have thought out ways to make it much easier for small electrical items, such as kettles, to be taken apart. In this way, these items will allow you to remove the faulty components and replace or repair them, ensuring a longer lifespan and saving the environment.

Recycling Your Old Kettle

You can recycle your old kettle by taking it to your nearest branch of Currys PC World, or your local recycling centre. You can find other places to recycle your old electrical goods by using Recycle Now’s Recycling Locator tool. Alternatively, if you book Skip It’s Wait & Load or House Clearance services, we will ensure that 95 per cent of all the waste we collect will be responsibly recycled.

When you recycle your old kettle, it will typically be crushed and melted down to create low-value metals which can be re-used for making a host of other objects and materials. Many people are unaware that when a retailer sells a new electrical item, they are required by law to accept an equivalent model and dispose of it according to environmental regulations.

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