Of course, we’re all looking forward to tucking into some warm mince pies; donning our most embarrassing Christmas jumpers and ripping open the presents taunting us from underneath the tree. However, have you thought about what happens to all of the waste your family will produce over the holidays?

Discover how you can help to reduce your household’s carbon footprint this Christmas with our top tips for reducing your domestic waste. Read on to find out more. Don’t forget to find out how you can reduce your business waste this Christmas too!

Skip It is open every day during the holiday season apart from Tuesday 25th December. So don’t get caught out, make sure you plan your residential waste collection services, such as skip hire, wait and load and house clearance before Tuesday 25th December 2018.

1. Re-use to reduce your Christmas residential waste

A great way to lessen the environmental impact of your family is to reduce your Christmas residential waste this year by aiming to re-use as much as you can. This will help your whole family cut down on the amount of waste they will produce during the festive season.

The easiest ways you can re-use things at Christmas is by saving Christmas cards, paper decorations, and wrapping paper for next year. You can also use rechargeable batteries for all of your Christmas presents that are battery powered.

2. Recycle

It may sound obvious, but another great way to reduce your Christmas residential waste this year is to recycle, which will prevent a lot of your domestic waste from winding up in landfill this Christmas.

The easiest way that you can effectively manage your domestic waste is to get organised – find out when your local council will be making rubbish collections and put a note in your family calendar to help you not to forget. Also ensure you’ve got enough recycling bin bags at the ready for the big day to stuff all of that cardboard, plastic and any wrapping paper that won’t last another year.

In 2017, a poll of 2,000 adults conducted by GP Batteries showed that over 40 million rolls of sticky tape would be used to wrap those essential Christmas presents, and over 100 million black bin bags would be filled with the packaging from gifts and toys.

The poll also found that a shocking eight out of ten people can’t justify the amount of waste they produce at this time of year, and instead of recycling their used Christmas cards and wrapping paper, many admitted to including these items in their black bin bag rubbish that goes straight to landfill.

Our Christmas 2018 announcement:

At Skip It, we do all we can to promote recycling wherever possible, that’s why when you use any of our services such as skip hire, house clearance and wait and load, we will guarantee to ensure that 95 per cent of your waste is recycled and diverted away from landfill. For skip hire pricing for any residential DIY jobs you’ve got planned over Christmas, give us a call today!

Our prices for house clearance services, wait and load and skip hire will remain the same as they were throughout the rest of 2018. Prices for a 1-yard load Skip It transit vehicle for 0.25-tonne start from as little as £45 for wait and load and household clearance. And prices for a 6-yard skip will start at £240 in West and South West London.

Remember that additional charges may apply for certain items such as fridges £50, double fridges £100, mattresses £30, tyres £5, paint tins £5 and gas bottles £10.

Our friendly and professional team will be happy to help you arrange for professional waste collection services across London this Christmas and New Year, but don’t forget, we won’t be open on Tuesday 25th December 2018! It’s Christmas after all. Contact our friendly team today.