As summer slowly comes to an end and it begins to get colder, you might want to get rid of all those summer outfits and replace them with much warmer clothes. We know how nerve-wracking those wardrobe clearances can be.

That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive checklist to summer wardrobe clearance, which can help you declutter and reorganise your wardrobe in the most efficient way!

Why do a summer wardrobe clearance?

Different seasons call for different clothes. When you know that it’s not going to get any warmer and you won’t be wearing those shorts or that crop-top for almost another year, it may be a good idea make room for your autumn outfits instead.

Having a wardrobe clearance can save a lot of space, as you will make room for the clothes you’ll need for the next season, also saving you time in the morning. As you declutter, you may even discover clothes you had forgotten about that are in good shape and fit perfectly!

Organising your wardrobe can also be very therapeutic. Understanding what you need and don’t need can be a daunting task, as there are often emotions tied to certain items, or we see a potential use in them in the future.

Skip It is here to help you find the good in goodbye, by doing a fresh summer wardrobe clearance and disposing of your unwanted items responsibly!

1. Sort them into categories

Start by taking ALL of your items out of your wardrobe. Make sure to separate your clothes from accessories, shoes and other items. Go through each piece of clothing, one by one, and sort them into piles by season: winter, summer, and the transitioning seasons, autumn and spring. The next step is to examine these individual piles and decide whether or not you’ll still wear them. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this item in good shape?
  • Have I worn this recently?
  • Does this item fit me?
  • Is this my style/ would I wear this again?

Keep the discarded pile to one side for now!

2. Clean your wardrobe

Make use of your empty wardrobe and do a deep clean. Wipe away all the dust and also, don’t forget to hoover the floor! When putting your selected items back in the wardrobe, it is also good to launder them, so that everything is fresh and clean.

3. Reorganise

This is a good opportunity to come up with a great organisational system for your wardrobe. You can organise your clothes by style and put them into sections. This means you can consider grouping all of your jackets together, as well as your shirts and jeans into separate piles, making them easier to locate.

Try and maintain this system afterwards. We know this can be tricky, but it’s definitely worth a try!

4. Dispose of your old items responsibly

Remember that pile of discarded items? Now it’s time to sort these clothes into three separate piles. You’ve already decided that you’re not going to wear them, so now you’ll need distinguish which ones you’d like to chuck away, sell or donate.

If you have items that you’ve invested a lot of money in, but they don’t fit anymore, or they aren’t your style anymore, selling them is a great option. Sell them on auction sites, or sell them to second-hand or local thrift shops.

Another option is to donate your discarded items. If they are in good shape, but you don’t think you’ll wear them anymore, you can donate them to a friend or relative, a local charity or even to less-fortunate individuals who can make better use of the items.

If your discarded items are damaged, consider recycling them. You can either bring them to a recycling centre that will take care of it for you, or you can book one of our reliable household waste collection services that ensure an efficient and a responsible disposal!

Here at Skip It, we are dedicated to recycling, with 95 per cent of all the waste we collect getting recycled by our network of accredited recycling centres.

Contact us today and our professional and friendly team can make your summer wardrobe clearance easier with our helpful waste removal services!