Our household waste collection services are designed to remove a wide range of household rubbish effectively and responsibly. If you are planning to move out, redecorate or just want to clear out your home, then house clearance it perfect for you!

No matter the type of waste, we’ve got all the right equipment and the highly-skilled team you need for a quick, clean, and professional waste clearance.

Why arrange a house clearance?

Clearing out your home and getting rid of all the unwanted and stubborn rubbish is always a great idea. However, it can be challenging conducting a proper clearance, without the right tools and strategy.

If you want to get the job done, you want to do it right! With the help of professional waste collection services, you won’t have to worry about doing all the hard work, which can take a load off your mind especially if you are in the process of moving out or redesigning. It’s a lot of work to move, let alone to dispose of all the waste and cleaning up afterwards.

You may want to get rid of furniture, carpets, electrical equipment, or perhaps just small items. It can all be challenging. Arranging a house clearance service will lift that extra burden off your shoulders, with professionals doing a quick, safe and efficient job, without you having to lift finger.

Why choose Skip It for a house clearance?

When you book your house clearance service with Skip It, we will arrange an agreed two-hour time slot that suits your availability. Our house clearance professionals will then come and clear out your waste quickly and efficiently, delivering all the items to a licensed waste disposal site for responsible recycling.

We can handle a wide range of waste including:

  • Carpets
  • Kitchen fixtures
  • Furniture
  • Electrical equipment
  • Rubble and other hardcore waste

Skip It can clear out lofts of any sizes, with the necessary equipment to remove boxes, furniture and other waste, doing this all in the interest of your safety and convenience. We also provide a full kitchen waste removal service, including the clearing and disposal of all rubbish. Here at Skip It, we make sure that all materials are properly and safely removed and responsibly disposed of at a licensed recycling facility.

Within just a few hours, our professional team of experts will clear out your bathroom, including any bathroom furnishings and transform it back into a blank canvas! We will even do a good sweep up when we are done, leaving your home clear, tidy and ready for any new fixtures or redesigning.

This is all included in our household waste collection service! We are committed to customer service, and as our customer you can rest assured that your house clearance will be conducted safely and responsibly.

At Skip It, we pride ourselves on our responsible waste disposal and our commitment to take extra care of the natural environment. We ensure that 95 per cent of all the waste we collect will be recycled by our network of accredited recycling centres, making our world a cleaner and greener place.

Contact Skip It today and find out more about our helpful waste removal services. Book your house clearance with our friendly and professional team and watch the job get done in no time!